Suicide: Study Guide

Suicide: Study Guide

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Suicide: Unforgivable? Study Guide is a 55-page workbook for the five-session Bible study curriculum on how churches can help people who have lost someone to suicide. Created for church seminars and trainings, Bible studies, Sunday School classes, and small groups, this Bible study is perfect for those who want to:

  • Minister to people who are suffering the loss of loved ones to suicide.
  • Learn about what the Bible says about suicide and the unforgivable sin.
  • Implement a holistic/biblical approach in your church which provides spiritual resources for survivors.
  • Open up great ministry/evangelistic opportunities which may not be currently available at your church.

Suicide: Unforgivable? Study Guide helps group members to be more aware of the devastating effects of suicide and the neglected population of survivors who need Christian spiritual support and biblical answers. As part of the following five-session study, the pressing spiritual questions which survivors have will be addressed:

  1. Question #1: Is my loved one in hell?
  2. Question #2: Is suicide the unforgivable sin?
  3. Question #3: How can the church help me?
  4. Question #4: Where can I find hope?
  5. Question #5: Is it my fault?

Both physical and e-book version available.

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